We Care For The Seed While You Succeed.
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Who we are


Ever since 2006 Si Ko delivers sunflower kernels, seeds and natural food at once with helping people and business to take care of nature and healthy living.

Our products are of Bulgarian origin.  At present we are producing and trading with different variety of sunflower kernels, spelt, coriander seeds. Many of our conventional products are available certified organic. We take care of the seed while you succeed, we ship worldwide: Australia, USA, Canada, Middle-East. We are well experienced in marketing research, logistic and quality control management.


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Everyone who has become a part of the large family of Si Ko enjoys the ease of work and the final result. You can expand your product list with our new additions. Leave the deliveries in our hands and enjoy the extra time with your customers and priorities.

“Impossible things are a daily occurrence with us, only for miracles we need a little time.” – G. Ganev

Siko Ltd. Faq's
You can’t stand still, because that actually means that you’re going backwards. Self-improvement is a continuous process.
As a company and as individuals, we never compromise our values. We care for the seed while you succeed. We honor our partners and are honest in our communications. Our relationships with co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners are based on openness and opportunities for mutual gain. We value simplicity, we take actions and we expect results.
We set goals high, because we know we can do great things. We treat these goals as promises to our customers and to ourselves. Our continued success depends on keeping our promises. Success is measured by the results we produce in customer satisfaction, sales, profitability and the scope of opportunities we provide for our people.